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"Animals are the Spiritual Connection Between Humans and Nature."

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While my primary training has been in human healing, my focus has always been on the animals in my life.

At the moment I have 7 cats (some of whom I bottle raised). If you've looked at the animals I've had dealings with you'll have noticed that a great percentage of them are various cat species, of both the genus's Felis and Panthera; I am definitely a cat person. But I have also used Reiki and other techniques on canines of many varieties, including dogs, wolves and foxes, rodents of all kinds, rabbits, ferrets, horses, snakes and lizards, birds from finches to macaws, raccoons, and fish.

I grew up in the country surrounded by all sorts of pets, and my paternal grandparents always had horses around. I continued my pursuit of an animal related career working in three pet stores (where a good portion of my hands on healing experience was gained) and volunteering for three years at an Exotics Sanctuary that houses lions, tigers, bears, leopards, wolves and foxes, as well as a whole host of classic farm animals like chickens and horses.

I have been using Hands on Healing for about 15 years, received my Angels of the Earth Reiki Master Degree in August of 2007, and attained my Usui Reiki Master Degree in January of 2009.

I returned to school with the intention of pursuing a career in veterinary sciences, but found that there needs to be 36 hours in a day to have time to go to school and work full time in order to be able to afford to go to school. I still intend to continue my education, possibly in zoology.

I love all animals, but cats are my passion. My ultimate goal is to open a rescue and adoption center for cats of all sizes, from Fluffy who thinks he's a lion to Simba who thinks he's a lap-cat.


This is me, not a great photo and out of date, but me.

I am not a veterinarian; I can not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery.

Reiki is healing, not medicine, and should never be used in place of veterinary care. If your pet is ill or injured, call your veterinarian immediately.

All readings and personal information are kept strictly confidential.

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