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House Cleansing

No, I don't do windows, but I can help you remove unwanted energies from your home and property.

Spiritual Cleansing is great for when you're moving into a new house or apartment, if you're selling a house that is great but just feels 'off', if you've recently had a traumatic incident or conflict in your home,

House Cleansing can be a complicated matter. Methods vary depending on the reasons for the cleansing and the desired results. I can use any or all of many different methods, including Reiki, crystals, candles, smudge, bells, essential oils, and flower essences.

Cleansing is equally effective outside as it is inside.

Sessions generally run one to two hours, depend of the size of the house or area being treated, the method or methods being employed, and the intensity of the cleansing required. Also, depending on the situation, more than one treatment may be needed, that determination is always left up to the client.

A typical session will begin with a meet-and-greet, a tour of the area to be treated and a discussion of the issues. I will then do a brief blessing with clear light of myself and the space, inviting in my guides, guardians, Angels, and any other beneficient entities who wish to participate in the cleansing.

Usually I will use smudge to sweep negativity form the area, then seal the space with Reiki energy. It is often advantageous to then light white candles in the major areas of the house, to 'set' the working, and a little to dispell the scent of the smudge (This isn't such a issue with lavender smudge that I usually use). The candles should be let burn until they go out by themselves. I close the cleansing with another blessing, and by thanking my guides, guardians, Angels, and Reiki.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available at the same rates as On-Demand Sessions. Purchase Gift Certificates HERE.


Please call, mail, or e-mail to make an appointment. Be prepared to outline for me what the problem is, how long the problem has been going on, and the general history of the house/area. Anything you think might be pertinent may give me insight into how to best help you.


I generally charge $75 an hour, 1 hour minimum, half hour increments thereafter ($40).

Mileage Surcharge: $.50/mile for each mile over 25 miles one way, as determined by Google Maps.


Payment is accepted through PayPal, Check, Money Order, or Cash, and is expected before Services begin.

  • PayPal:
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    • I accept funds transfer, E-Check or Credit Cards through your PayPal account.
  • Credit Cards:
    • I accept all major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) through PayPal, NO ACCOUNT NECESSARY! Just click where it says: "Don't have a PayPal account?" on the payment page!
  • Checks or Money orders
    • Can be made out to Cristine Cook-Fireheart and sent to .
    • There will be a $25 Returned Check Fee for Checks returned NSF.

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I am not a veterinarian; I can not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery.

Reiki is healing, not medicine, and should never be used in place of veterinary care. If your pet is ill or injured, call your veterinarian immediately.

All readings and personal information are kept strictly confidential.

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